A piece first exhibited in 2018 as part of the opening exhibition at Digbeth Art Space.

Inspired by pop-art, but a generational and nostalgic part of pop culture, the cassette tape - being rewound with a pen! If you are of a certain age you will remember doing this a lot, especially while out and about and you didn't want to waste the batteries in your Walkman...

This is an original one of a kind piece, created using a mixture of hand cut printing blocks and monoprinting techniques using intaglio ink.

Originally hung freely from the wall, frayed edges and all, it has now been stretched over a canvas frame to help protect it and make it easier to hang. 

84 cm square (33 inches)

£400.00 Now £300.00


This artwork is shipped to you by Tim Thomson , and will be packaged by the artist. Artworks are dispatched within 3 working days from United Kingdom.Shipping Details

Artwork Details

Size: 84 x 84 x 2 cm
Medium: Printmaking
Style: Abstract
Subject: Colour

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