• What is Cosimo?

    Cosimo is the platform for emerging artists and art lovers.

    From the Renaissance in Florence to the birth of modern art in Paris, every great movement emerges from a thriving community of artists and their patrons.

    Cosimo was founded to make it easier than ever for artists to connect with those who love what they do, and with each other.

    We've built a platform that gives artists and collectors everything they need - from easy-to-use tech to good old-fashioned human support.

    It’s also why we enable our artists to get paid directly for their work, without us taking hefty commission fees off the top.

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  • More Than a Gallery

    Home to the UK's Most Talented Emerging Artists

    A Community of 1000+ Artists and Art Lovers

    Direct Payments & Transparent Pricing

  • “Supporting artists
    has given me the
    greatest satisfaction
    and contentment.”

    Cosimo de Medici
  • Why Cosimo?

    Cosimo de Medici has been described as the 'founding father of the Renaissance'.

    He supported the artists of medieval Florence and empowered them to achieve their artistic visions.

    Just like our namesake, we understand how great it feels to directly support artists by buying their work.

    We're empowering a new generation of modern-day Cosimos - people like us who want to fill their lives with art, and directly support the artists they love along the way!

    We're not just another online gallery... We're starting a 21st Century Renaissance.

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How much does it cost to use Cosimo?

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