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Hi my name is Stacie and I am currently studying a BA (hons) degree in Textiles and Surface Pattern designs. I have an insatiable passion for painting. I love to work with bright colours and different mediums but mostly acrylics. I like to fully engross myself in the process, my artwork might not always have meaning behind it nor will it always have an explanation, I paint what I want to paint and often using the pareidolia effect. I hope you enjoy my work!

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  • Untitled-1541104512

    Stacie Carr

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  • Untitled-1541104569

    Stacie Carr

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  • Untitled-1541104613

    Stacie Carr

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  • Untitled-1541104650

    Stacie Carr

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  • Sunset of colours

    Stacie Carr

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