Elevate Your Artist CV | Best Practices for Showcasing Your Accomplishments

Your CV is crucial for showcasing your professional experience and artistic achievements as a visual artist. It’s necessary for grant applications, exhibitions, commissions, residencies, and more. Your CV is often the first impression art professionals will have of you and your work, so it’s essential to make it stand out.


A well-crafted artist CV can open doors to new opportunities and help you establish yourself in the art world. It demonstrates your credibility and commitment to your practice and allows others to understand your background and accomplishments quickly. A strong CV can be the difference between being selected for an opportunity or being passed over.


Creating and maintaining a compelling artist CV can be challenging. It’s a lengthy document that must be updated regularly and kept consistent across different platforms and formats. As a visual artist, your CV needs to convey your experience through text and showcase your artwork in a way that captures attention.


Best practices for building a strong artist CV:


  • Keep it organized and easy to read: Use clear headings, bullet points, and a consistent format. 
  • Prioritize your most significant accomplishments: Highlight your most impressive exhibitions, awards, and publications at the top of each section. 
  • Include high-quality images of your work: Showcase your best pieces alongside your CV. 
  • Provide context for your achievements: Briefly describe the significance of your exhibitions, residencies, or awards. 
  • Keep it up to date: Regularly review and update your CV with your latest accomplishments and projects.


Tools like Imprimo, an all-in-one art-management platform, can simplify the process of creating and maintaining your CV by offering features that streamline the organization and presentation of your information.

Meanwhile, on Cosimo, you can create a clean and easy-to-view portfolio to help generate and manage your sales safely and securely.

However, regardless of the tools you use, following these best practices will help you create a compelling CV that effectively showcases your artistic journey and achievements.

Remember, a detailed and credible CV is crucial for establishing yourself as a professional artist, so take the time to build a strong one that highlights your unique experiences and accomplishments. By presenting a well-crafted CV, you’ll be better positioned to seize new opportunities and make a lasting impression on the art world.

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