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Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out… Sign up today for free and list your work in minutes.

Cosimo is home to hundreds of talented emerging artists from across the UK – helping them sell their artwork directly to the people who love what they create.

How it works: List & Sell Your Art Online in Minutes


It’s easy to get started on Cosimo.

Simply create an account, upload your artwork, and set your prices. Once your work is listed, collectors can browse and purchase it directly from you.

Once a buyer orders one of your artworks, we’ll generate a shipping label for you to download from your dashboard.

You attach this to your packaged artwork and take it to your local delivery station, or (where possible) simply sit back and wait for the delivery driver to come to you for a studio pick-up.

Sign up now and sell your art online with Cosimo!

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Sell Your Art Online with Cosimo. Sell For Free, with No Commission Fees, Directly and Securely to the People Who Love Your Work.

What We Offer…


No Selling Fees: That’s right… You can sell your art online for free on Cosimo. No commission fees & we’ll even sort shipping for you!

Dedicated Personal Portfolio: Our portfolio builder gives you full control over how you list your artwork. Build your own webshop and sell directly to your collectors.

Support & Guidance: We know how difficult it can be to turn what you love into what you do for a living – that’s why we’ve developed educational resources to help you sell your art online.

A Growing Community: With hundreds of artists and art lovers already calling Cosimo home – we are proud to be a force for good in the art world, making art more accessible and affordable for all.

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Why Are We Called Cosimo?



Just like our namesake, Cosimo de Medici, we’re making it our mission to change the world through the power of art!

Cosimo was a successful businessman, political leader, and polymath. But he said of all the things he achieved in his life, it was supporting artists that gave him the greatest satisfaction and contentment.

It was through his patronage that Florence became the cultural hub of the European Renaissance, where art and artists flourished like never before.

Just like Cosimo, we want to reshape the art world today – giving artists control over their work and allowing them to sell their art online directly and securely to the people who love what they create.

We want to make it easy for you to sell your art, so you can spend more time doing what you love and sharing your talent with the world.

Our platform has been designed to empower artists to connect with their audience, build their brand, and sell their art on their own terms – giving them more access, control, insight, and support than anywhere else.

Be part of a modern-day Renaissance and sell your art online with Cosimo today!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…


“Cosimo has helped me solve many challenges in my art business”
– Imogen Morris 

“Love being part of the Cosimo community!”
– Emma Loizides

“I can’t recommend Cosimo highly enough!”
– Elliott Packham

“Cosimo is really making art and artists accessible.”
– Richard Battye

“Cosimo helps keep me in order with sales and gives me a place to easily manage them from.”
– General Blimey

“I love that Cosimo puts artists in control.”
– Rachel Tighe

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